Virtual Assistant


SAG IT Solutions provides Virtual Assistant services to a global clientele including Israel, US and UK from Central India. Most of these include single owners, small business entrepreneurs, consultants and brokers.

You can get free from most of your administrative tasks by hiring a full-time Virtual Assistant from SAG IT Solutions, while you can devote most of your resources and time towards your core business responsibilities.

What a Virtual Assistant does?

We provide you with dedicated Virtual Assistant who would work from our own office premise and use our own equipment & software while providing you the required set of services. You can simply communicate the work requirements through email, phone, chat-messenger etc and the Virtual Assistant would do the needful.

Why use the Services of a Virtual Assistant?

Following are some of the major benefits that you can avail by hiring a Virtual Assistant:

  • Most primary benefit is that you can save a lot of money by hiring a Virtual Assistant as  it reduces the conventional office costs like:
    • Workplace area
    • Equipments and Supplies
    • Recruitment and Training Cost
  • You can also cut short on your Overhead expenses like:
    • Staff related taxes and other benefits
    • Insurance and Medical benefits
    • You only need to pay for the time and material used during the project execution
  • A virtual assistant works as an independent entrepreneur and hence comprehends well the requirements of Small Businesses.
  • Hiring a Virtual Assistant with varied skill sets ensures that you save a lot of cost involved for hiring a number of people for different tasks.

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

By hiring a Virtual Assistant for performing the daily administrative and non-strategic tasks, you can focus more towards your core business and good personal life. By outsourcing a Virtual Assistant you employ a professional for your varied business requirements, which also gives you a profitable edge over your competition. You also have complete control of the work all the time.