The role of content in a website

The current age and the future belong to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn etc. For any business these are indispensable tools to promote its products and services and web content is what plays a vital role in doing so.

Yes, content is still king when it comes to search engine rankings. Of course there are numerous ways to improve rankings, but if it not regularly updated with fresh and original content it will lead to a dip in rankings and lesser conversions.

Purpose of using Social Media: The sole purpose of utilizing social media through blogs, videos etc. and using methods such as PPC is to get more online traffic. For that the content must be informative, interesting and of good quality. If that is not maintained all other promotional methods will be to no avail.

Content influences Site Ranking: Content is paramount when it comes to search engines allocating rankings. Top quality content is what search engines seek to offer to users. Any site that offers quality content will not only lead to higher page standing but also to overall site rankings. It works conversely as well with poor content having an adverse effect. Besides search engines other content delivery sites search for quality content to post at their own sites. This improves online visibility as links are built and improves rankings.

Ideal amount of content: Content once added is not left as it is but is updated and fresh and original content is added on a regular basis. A web site may start off with a few pages that generate some traffic but with time you will have to add more updated content to attract visitors. The number of pages is subject to the type of products or services on offer. The content is framed with using targeted keywords placed strategically to optimize the site.

Quality of content: Having quality content involves using keywords in the right position as well as proportion as excessive use of them would negatively impact the site. The quality of writing is extremely important and it must be written in an easy flow with natural progression so that it does not appear overtly promotional. The right amount of keywords should blend in naturally and should appear to be a part of the content naturally.

Having the right engaging content will work wonders for your website and its position with search engines. This will improve visitor experience and site ranking with major search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.